Ask Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Well that why I decided to make up for lost ground and move from canterlot to PonyVille. Who knows! I might even find my speical somepony. It's sorta lonely with just me and Striker.


That’s the spirit dear! *smiles*

It's... Okay... I got a cat to cheer me up. His names striker. But nothing can replace Starlight...


Eventually you’ve got to leave the past, don’t you think dear? You won’t be able to enjoy your life as you should if you just focus on the scar your daughter, Starlight, left you. And remember, stuff like that is what makes us stronger. So lift your head up and smile.

A carriage accident. She... died on.. impact. *silently starts to sob* She was my only family I had left. It's just me now...


*gasps and covers mouth*

Oh my…I’m so sorry…so sorry…

Well if you ever need help such as baby sitting I'm here. I used to have a daughter but she... she... I'm sorry... Starlight... daddy's very sorry...


I will surely tell you if I need a baby sitter! *frowns*

Oh my, what happened to your daughter? If you’d like…to tell me…that is.

Well I just moved into PonyVille and was looking for a little work. Got any job openings?


Oh work? *looks around*

Hm…I actually don’t *frowns*

I’m really sorry dear!

Have there been a rodent inside your house before? If there was, did Opal went after it? Did she play with her food before eating it or did she hunt the thing down, kill it and then immediately chow down?


Of course there has! *puts hoof on forehead in a dramatically* Opal did go after it, and she played with it then ate it *puts hoof down and smiles*

Is the blog dead?

((it was xc sorry, but now it’s not! well for this moment i guess cx))

Is this a good time?


Hello! It’s always a good time for everything *smiles*

**Dyes your mane green**


*Gasps* Oh my!! *runs away from whoever anon is*

*teleports in front of you* Hi!


*Grins* Hello!